The Campbell-Molitor Family​

Team Mom

Heather Campbell-Molitor & Sarah Molitor

Sarah and I started our journey to be moms together in February 2015. Our wish was that we could both be a part of the pregnancy, I wanted to carry Sarah’s baby (she being the “biological” mom and me being the “birth” mom).

We found a practice and were told that we needed to try IUI before we could try IVF. I did 3 failed cycles of IUI which broke our hearts, then it was Sarah’s turn…. three failed cycles and thousands of dollars later still no baby. At this point we decided to take a break. In the spring of 2016 we decided to look for a new doctor and continue our journey. We found Dr. Russell and his wonderful staff.

In our first consultation with Dr. Russell he asked us what we wanted…we shared our wish and he said…. Well let’s make it happen! We were so excited that our original wish was a possibility and that it was actually affordable. We began our journey with DIRM. We began with a mock cycle for me as the mother who would be carrying the baby. All went well!

the Stimulation

Sarah Molitor

Now it was Sarah’s turn, we began the process of harvesting her eggs. Going back to the operating room Sarah heard a song that reminded her of her deceased brother and she knew at that moment everything was going to turn out perfect. After lots of medication we successfully harvested a total of 16 eggs! Now it was time to fertilize. We looked forward to our daily check ins about the fertilized eggs. At the end of day 5 we had 6 embryos.

the Transfer

Heather Campbell-Molitor

Now we were getting ready for me to have the transfer.  We went in for our frozen transfer and 10 days later found out we were pregnant!!!!! Dreams do come true!  Asher Christian was born July 31, 2017 healthy and ready to rule the world!  We were so lucky.

As soon as we had him, we knew we wanted a sibling for him, close to his age.  We contacted DIRM in May 2018 and begin another IVF cycle.  We are so excited to say that we are now expecting a sibling for Asher in May 2019.

Our mixed family, 3 older children and Asher, how found so much love with our growing family.  DIRM has been caring, professional, compassionate, and respectful.  We have felt like they were a part of our family from the beginning.  We can’t imagine trusting anyone else with this journey.  It has been so special!

"DNA doesn't make a family. Love does."

Sherri Saum