Sperm Spinning

Sperm Spinning works on the premise that the clinic separates the X (female) and Y (male) sperm by use of centrifugation.

During centrifugation, controlled spinning causes particles in a sample to become sorted into layers according to density of those particles. Sorting separates the more dense X-sperm from the lighter Y-sperm.

One half of the sperm normally produced by a healthy male will carry the Y-chromosome producing a male child, and the other half of the sperm will be the X-chromosome producing a female child. By altering the number of one chromosome or the other by separating the layers, one is increasing the chances of producing a child of a specific gender.

During sperm sorting, the sperm cells are separated from the seminal fluid, the sperm are concentrated into healthy and motile sperm, abnormal sperm is filtered out, and finally the separation of the X and Y-sperm concentrates the sample to the desired gender. The remaining sample is more likely to result in a successful pregnancy and will increase the odds of the desired gender group. This technique is widely used and is a standard process in IVF and IUI procedures. After the sperm is sorted, the sample will be inseminated into the woman which is an in office technique.