Long-Term Storage

We are excited to announce our partnership with ReproTech, LLC in Coconut Creek, FL, for our patients’ long-term storage needs.

DIRM no longer offers long-term storage. Stored specimens remaining eighteen (18) months after cryopreservation will be automatically transported to ReproTech for long-term cryostorage.

ReproTech is a leader in developing storage protocols and documentation practices that have become the standard for our industry. As long-term reproductive tissue storage specialists, ReproTech is dedicated to creating and improving protocols to ensure the safety and accuracy of the tissues entrusted to them.

We’ve developed industry-leading processes for shipping specimens to provide the highest level of safety and security.

We ship with United Parcel Service (UPS) Premier Healthcare service that provides priority handling of our shipments, enhanced sensor-based visibility while in transit, live 24/7 location monitoring, proactive delay follow-up, and advanced recovery, if necessary.

All of ReproTech’s shipping tank enclosures feature proprietary locking mechanisms and custom Secure Tight seals. ReproTech uses temperature exposure indicators to monitor the cryo-environment during shipment. All tanks are weighed and inspected before and after each shipment and then tested annually and validated to hold correct temperatures.