Known Donor
Known Donor Egg

There are several options available for the person who is interested in pregnancy with the help of using a donor egg. Occasionally, a patient may know someone who is willing to donate their eggs. 

Our experienced and compassionate donor egg team is available to help your navigate through the process of using a donor. We can assist you with the process of using a known donor. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any of your questions or concerns.

After completing a questionnaire online, the donor will be asked to consult with Dr. Russell and our Third Party Reproduction Coordinator, to review the donation process and requirements.

Their initial screening will begin with hormone labs and ultrasound, they will be asked to have additional labs drawn and to see a counselor for psychological approval.

Your donor will need to receive self administered medications to stimulate her ovaries to recruit available eggs. These self administered medications are usually given over a period of 9-11 days, during which time the donor is monitored closely with hormone levels and ultrasound to watch the progress and development of the eggs. If it appears that fewer than 6 eggs will be retrieved, you will be notified of a possible cycle cancellation.

Once the donor’s eggs have reached maturity, she will undergo an oocyte (egg) retrieval. On this day, a sperm sample, whether you partner’s or donor, is required to fertilize the mature eggs.