Guaranteed IVF Cycle Eligibility Criteria

We have continually observed increasing pregnancy rates with IVF. In response to couples trying to conceive, without insurance coverage, we have initiated a Guaranteed IVF Cycle for couples who qualify for an IVF cycle. The Program allows for an IVF cycle as well as cryopreservation and subsequent frozen cycles until all available embryos are utilized from the initial stimulated cycle. If the cycle is not successful, 75% of the IVF cycle fee cost will be refunded, excluding medications, anesthesia services and PGS costs. An outline of the Programs follows:

  • Based on your past history and previous infertility treatment, we will determine your eligibility for the program.
  • Once accepted, a preliminary work up or specific testing will be performed to identify critical factors in making your IVF cycle successful. The fee for the preliminary work-up is not included in the Guaranteed IVF Program.
  • The costs for the cycle are to be paid on acceptance into the program.
  • The criteria for a successful cycle are that the pregnancy progresses through the first 12 weeks gestation with the existence of ultrasound documentation.
  • Patients who have started their Guaranteed IVF Cycle but whose cycle is cancelled prior to oocyte retrieval will receive a refund of $10,000.00.
  • Age: Patients must be 38 years of age or younger
  • Hormones: Must have normal FSH, Estradiol, and AMH levels, measured on cycle day #2 or 3 (FSH <10.0, Estradiol <64pg/ml).
  • IVF Cycle History: Patient must not have previously failed 2 IVF cycles.
  • CCCT: Normal Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test, if requested.
  • Ultrasound: Normal ovarian volume, total antral follicle count >6 bilaterally, at baseline scan.
  • Nutrition Consultation completed and carbohydrate/protein/fat ratio within normal limits.
  • BMI Body Mass Index <35     Calculate BMI
  • Anatomy: Must have both ovaries and no uterine pathology by ultrasound, Office Hysteroscopy or Sono HSG
  • Normal Invitae Pan-Ethnic Carrier Screen