Egg Donors
Egg Donors

Become an egg donor and help patients make their dreams of having a child, utilizing the best cutting-edge technology modern science has to offer, a reality.

Donor Requirements

  • Age: 21-30
  • Non-Smoker
  • No STIs
  • Normal medical and family history
  • BMI: 18-30
  • Non-Drug User
  • No recent tattoos
  • Citizen or eligible to work in the US

Thank you for your interest in donating to our practice, please complete our preliminary questionnaire to apply.

After completing your questionnaire online, you will be asked to consult with Dr. Russell and our Third Party Reproduction Coordinator, Charlotte, to review the donation process and requirements.

Your initial screening will begin with hormone labs and ultrasound. Once selected by either a patient or by Dr. Russell for our Donor Egg Bank, you will be asked to have additional labs drawn and to see a counselor for psychological approval.

Egg Stimulation

In a normal menstrual cycle, just one egg (oocyte) develops and matures within the ovary. The egg is housed in a fluid filled structure on the ovary, called a follicle, which can be seen on ultrasound. In an IVF cycle, self-administered fertility medications are used to stimulate the ovaries so that multiple eggs will develop.

The IVF team will educate you on when you will start your stimulation medications, and how to use them. You will use the self-administered fertility medications for approximately 9-11 days, depending on how your ovaries respond. You will visit the office frequently during your stimulation, to monitor your blood hormone levels and follicular development of the ovaries with ultrasound.

Once the majority of the follicles have reached a mature size, another medication, called a “trigger” will be given by injection. You will be given explicit instructions on when and how to take the shot, as it must be given at the appropriate time of follicle development to prepare the egg for removal from the body, also called the retrieval.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval is timed to occur before ovulation would normally occur. The “trigger” shot is administered by injection to trigger the final stages of egg maturation and to release the eggs from the walls of the follicles. While you are under mild sedation, a transvaginal ultrasound probe with a needle is used to puncture and aspirate the tiny fluid filled follicles.


To respect your and the recipients privacy; your egg donation is anonymous. A consent agreement is required prior to donation.

Known Donors

We do also use known donors, typically close friends or family members of the recipient. In these situations, a legal agreement is established between the donor and recipient.

All donors are compensated for their time and travel during the donation process. Repeat, proven, donors are offered increased compensation for previous success. Typical compensation for an Egg Bank cycle is approximately $3,000 and a Recipient Matched cycle is approximately $5,000.

Earn $100 for every potential donor, you refer, that is accepted into our program.