Donor Embryo
Donor Embryo

Occasionally, when donors* and couples go through an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle, there may be an excess of embryos that are not utilized. These embryos become available when the genetic or biological parents decide that their family is complete and have elected to donate their remaining embryos to DIRM.

Our embryo donation program provides the opportunity to assist individuals and couples looking to start or add to their own family via the use of donated embryos.

*double donor embryos available

Using embryo donation may be the right way for you to build your family, if you and/or your partner are:

  • Experiencing difficulty conceiving by all other methods including recurrent IVF failures
  • Concerned, or at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to your potential offspring
  • Looking for an alternative to fertility treatments such as IVF or donor egg recipient IVF
  • Looking for an alternative to adoption
  • Looking for a more affordable cost option than other Third Party Reproduction options
  • Looking for a faster alternative to IVF and other Third Party Reproduction options